Laser Hair Reduction

Chemical Peels

$75 per peel

or 3 for $200

    Skin Care & Holistic Services

REIKI                                          $75


REIKI FACIAL                           $110



products used in the facial vary depending on skin type and desired improvements




Signature Hydrafacial            $160

The standard three step cleanse and exfoliate, peel and extract, hydrate and protect


Clarifying Hydrafacial            $175

Signature with added extractions and Blue LED light therapy


Anti Aging Hydrafacial           $200

Signature with an added booster for lines and wrinkles and red LED light therapy


Radiance Hydrafacial              $200

Signature with added booster to help sun spots or pigmentation and red LED light therapy


Restorative Hydrafacial          $250

Signature with an added booster to help restore the skins collagen and elastin and red LED light therapy


Platinum Hydrafacial               $270

Signature with added LED light therapy and lymphatic drainage 

LED Light Therapy

add On to any service for $30


Face                                 $250

Face&Neck                            $350

Neck                                       $110

Small Body Area              $50-$75

Medium Body Area        $80-$100

Large Body Area            $200-$250

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